Reunited with Green Tara Nepal friends!

9 May

We arrived in Kathmandu after two very comfortable flights totalling almost 12 hours (London – Doha – Kathmandu). It was the first time for both Andrea and I have been met at any airport by someone with my name on a card (thank you Siddarth) We felt like VIPs!

It’s warm. A gentle introduction to the country as we know that further South in the lower Terai region of Nawal Parasi it will be HOT. We spent a day looking around yesterday and today got down to the work of checking our learning/teaching and evaluation workshops. We’ll be facilitating the same workshop to three groups of twenty auxilliary nurse-midwives who will be travelling form all over Nawal Parasi to the town of Parasi for this, third round of workshops working towards a deeper understanding of maternal emotional and mental wellbeing, health and illness.

The subject of Maternal and emotional wellbeing is close to the heart of midwives. It is tragic to see pregnancy and early motherhood marred by anxiety and depression. We are much more aware of early signs to be alert to in pregnancy and can share this knowledge with families we see in the course of our work. I have used the RCM guide document (see link) extensively in the project I am running in Poole, in partnership with Health Visitor Ruth Evans and Children’s Centre staff Hayley Roberts and Jessica Lanham. This is a practise development project funded and supported by the Burdett Fund for Nursing and the Foundation of Nursing Studies. This guide brings together the research and makes sense of the findings and how to implement them.

Over lunch with staff from Green Tara with heard how Green Tara approach women and children’s Health from a social/midwifery model (as opposed to the more usual Medical model approach found in Government institutions). Staff are involved in the rural community settings running health groups using outreach health workers. These (mostly) women share knowledge about health and hygiene, pregnancy care and signs of conditions watch for (eg pre-eclampsia) often using picture boards  where female literacy is low. They are due to evaluate the two birth centres and outreach work in the region but they already know that their facilities are popular which is in itself a marker of success.

RCM Midwives Guide


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